Namaste! I’m Rohit Yadav, VP of Apache CloudStack and VP Engineering at ShapeBlue.

I’m a long-time PMC member and committer of the Apache CloudStack project, an open source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform.

I’ve served as the release manager for several CloudStack releases, and authored several CloudStack flagship features, frameworks and tools such as cmk, mbx, and the CloudStack UI (originally started as project Primate). I wrote the opensource CloudStack developer onboarding course hackerbook and I regularly speak at CloudStack and related meetups and conferences. Nowadays, I’ve transitioned into a mentoring and leadership role both in the community and at work.

My GPG key is 0x0EE3D884, full fingerprint of my key is: 5ED1 E112 2DC5 E8A4 A451 12C2 4842 4821 0EE3 D884.

My interest and journey in the cloud computing space started at CERN in 2010, where I got hands-on experience in virtualisation and cloud computing as a volunteer summer student under Dr. Ben Segal. Since 2012, I’ve been working on Apache CloudStack which has allowed me to work in several areas of interest such as data-center virtualisation, networking, storage, distributed systems, orchestration, resource management and scheduling, and devops.